April 04, 2004


Paderborn, Germany

Exchange a thing with a story for a printed artwork - this idea is behind the German net art project DINGWELT.

DINGWELT [thing world] collects small and big things with a hand written story of their owners and stages them. Diverse things that wait in the cellar or are hanging around in the drawer, have now the chance on honour and are besides articles of exchange for digital art. You only have to take heart by separating yourself from a beloved thing ...

The DINGWELT market offers 12 things with history as printed art works in an on-line catalogue. For example the "CUDDLY HARE MÜMMY, unwashed" the "SINCLAIR Zx-81, self tuned" or the "THAI-MINIBAG, eye catcher".

Everyone can select these picture articles and offer own used things for them in exchange by (package) mail. In principle anything is exchanged for the offered item, only a short, hand written history must be sent in with the exchange item. In return, the user receives the picture from the catalogue as signed, laminated digital print with a certificate. The exchange market is free but the user can only take part once. The exchanged things are listed and published on-line again in the portal with their picture and story.

DINGWELT is a work-in-progress-project of the KUNSTKOMMT! artist team in Münster/ Paderborn Germany. The so called "studio for art and communication" by Michelle Adolfs and Petra Müller was founded in 1996 and works on media art in the field of picture meaning, media communication and knowledge transformation.

DINGWELT is relational and a public artwork and also an artwork outside of gallery spaces. We want to provide new work for an international public and need some assistance in spreading information about the project so that more people can take part in it.

K U N S T K O M M. T !, studio p a d e r b o r n
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 19 A
D-33102 Paderborn
tel: +49(0)5251-870 326
fax: +49(0)5251-870 359