March 10, 2005

PROJECT | Verve: the other writing

Curated by Teri Hoskin
Telstra Adelaide Festival 2000

Verve: The Other Writing is a chance to experience some of the other forms of inscription that constitute language, the other that shifts, vitalises and generates change. Verve considers the array of effects technologies have on the ways we read, write and generate language. The program operates at the intersections of writing with the visual arts, music, performance and contemporary digital practices.

There is no doubt that western cultures are at the cusp of a massive shift from traditional print publishing to digital and specifically Internet publishing and commerce. Just what is the new and where are the connections with the old? How can and do we negotiate the plethora and the sheer quantity of visual and aural information available now. What other ways are there to read and to write, and how can we best invent ways of writing that operate as living growing instances of cultural specificity and plurality.