March 22, 2005


Spike started in 2004 in Vienna as an artists' initiative. It is a bilingual (German/English) quarterly and is available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava at the kiosk and in selected bookshops. And soon in magazine shops near you!

Each issue is introduced by an internationally known critic's essay on a recent art phenomenon. This time the artist / critic MIKE KELLEY makes an appeal for the artist as critic.

It is spike's concept to offer art producers the possibility of not only taking center stage but also getting in a word on their selves and others. Again five striking international artists are portrayed in detail.

TRISHA DONNELLY - In her micro performances, a disturbing counter world suddenly flares in the course of familiar processes. By Daniel Baumann.
JONATHAN MEESE - It would be better if radicality remains in the field of art. A conversation with Rita Vitorelli.
SEJLA KAMERICM - The political videos and actions of this Sarajevo-based artist adress the mechanisms of exclusion and foreign determination. By Anselm Wagner.
FRANZ GERTSCH - The Swiss photorealist, who brought subculture into the sphere of art in 1970s, is still amazingly relevant today. By Philipp Ziegler.
RICHARD HOECK - This Austrian artist deconstructs the myth of the American Way of Life in his works. By Raimar Stange.Art Guide: Kosovo In our editorial focus on Eastern Europe Antje Mayer takes us through the "Land of the Blackbirds", whose art scene is receiving growing international attention. Artist Erzen Shkololli features his colleagues Lulzim Zeqiri, Edi Hilla, Jakup Ferri, Sokol Beqiria and Gentian Shkurti.

Plus ...

FEATURE RAF EXHIBITION - the controversial RAF exhibition at the Kunst-Werke Berlin from the point of view by Oystein Aaasan, Raimar Stange and Andreas Schlaegel.
SIDE STEPS - ARCHITECTURE: Barbara Imhof's space-related architecture. By Manuela Hotzl.
PRINTED MATTER: Barnett Newman's "Stations of the Cross". By Johannes Gachnang.
FASHION: Less Sex - Very Sexy. By Ruth Weismann.
FOCUS: MUSIC: Industrial Fist (Psychosis). By Seth Price. And more ...

Issue 03 out now!
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