June 02, 2005

PUBLICATION | Progetto Arte - Journal 9

Message, Advertising and Distribution for a responsible publishing model

Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto has just published the ninth edition of its annual publication Progetto Arte - Journal, reporting on the activities of Cittadellarte’s offices through texts and colour images, together with interviews of artists, critics and curators, who collaborated to projects and events organised by Cittadellarte. Among the others, Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator at Musèe d'Art Moderne de la Ville in Paris, Massimo Melotti, critic and expert in Cultural Communication, Demetrio Paparoni, writer and art critic, Mario Cristiani, President of Associazione Arte Continua, Stefano Chiarini, journalist, expert in Middle-East issues, Thierry Fabre, writer and editor at La Penséè de Midi, Anna Adriani, External Relations Director at Illycaffè, Cloe Piccoli, art critic and independent curator, and unpublished texts by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Progetto Arte - Journal is printed on bio-degradable and recyclable paper Alga Favini, made from seaweed of the venetian Laguna: a social responsible edition, not only in its contents, but also in its own forms. Moreover, the present edition inaugurates a responsible advertising and distribution form, aiming to transform the traditional models of marketing and advertisement, and to contribute to the diffusion of an ethical dimension, starting from the economical and cultural world, towards the advertising world.The publication, in Italian and English language, is on sale at the bookshop in Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto and at authorised sellers.