September 06, 2005

INTERVIEW | Camille Paglia

Camilla Paglia interviewed by Robert Birnbaum. Her most recent book is Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-Three of the World’s Best Poems. In her 2002 lecture, ‘The Magic of Images', she set forth the theory that led to this book: ‘‘The only antidote to the magic of images is the magic of words.’’

"Now I’m a champion of the web—I began writing for Salon in 1995 from the first issue on. But the style of the web, not only the surfing skimming style that you learn—dash, dash—you absorb information not by reading whole sentences. It’s flash, flash, flash. Email, blog, everything is going fast, fast, fast. So the quality of language has obviously degenerated. It’s obvious." - Camille Paglia

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