April 25, 2006

LIBRARY | Martha Rosler Library

Source: e-flux

e-flux is pleased to announce the launch of Martha Rosler Library's website. Comprised of approximately 7,700 titles from the artist's personal collection, the Library was opened to the public by e-flux in November 2005 as a storefront reading room. The contents range from political theory, art history and poetry to science fiction, mystery and children's books; they include periodicals, dictionaries, maps and travel books, as well as photo albums, posters, postcards and newspaper clippings. The bibliography, currently in process, can now be accessed online at http://www.e-flux.com/projects/library

A reading group has been assembled to use the library as the basis for a series of informal discussions around texts chosen by Martha Rosler and members of the group. The meetings were initiated in New York, and will continue at all future locations of the library. To broaden the scope of participation, we are pleased to offer an online forum and pdf files of the selected texts we are reading. Please join us in the discussion at http://www.e-flux.com/projects/library/forum.php

Martha Rosler Library will be traveling to Frankfurt Am Main, where it will open at the Frankfurter Kunstverein in June 2006 and remain available through August. A publication on this project, produced in collaboration with Revolver (Archiv fur Actuelle Kunst), will be available at the end of the summer.

Martha Rosler is Brooklyn-based artist who works in video, photo-text, installation, sculpture, and performance, and writes on aspects of culture, with particular focus on everyday life and the public sphere. She is a renowned teacher who has lectured widely, nationally and internationally, and has published ten books of photography, art, and writing. Rosler was awarded the Spectrum International Prize in Photography for 2005 and the Oskar Kokoschka Prize in 2006.