April 16, 2004


Scale 01.03 incorporates several new developments including guest contributions from Joseph Goguen and Lev Manovich, a maturation of print run formats and printed-journal ethos, and our first guest editor, Temenuga Trifonova. The issue contains a selection of experiential remixes ranging from the literary to the poetic and including variations of the conceptual to the performative.

Scale-as-process continues to undergo change within its community of core users. As a result of a flurry of activity in New Media, from the recent 040404 conference at UC-Berkeley, to discussions on the Scale-list, and the up-coming Narr@tive conference at the UCLA Hammer, Scale is considering several exciting future options.

With Scale's commitment to a local-global approach - an approach that seeks to promote the activities of its community - Scale has implemented a monthly guest editor who curates/mixes the submissions for the print edition. The guest editor operates differently from traditional editors: instead of altering the text, the editor conducts the composition of the print journal, designing and ordering the final edition from the current pool of submissions. Scale has also preserved the transparency of its submission mechanism and the community that supports it by providing access to all of the submissions from the pool online indefinitely. In this sense Scale is evolving into a multifaceted journal, presently centered around an edited print edition, but encompassing numerous parallel versions.