September 19, 2004

Critical Essays on trAce: call for abstracts

Deadline for proposals 1st October 2004

Since 1996 the trAce Online Writing Centre has published a wide range of new media writing projects, critical articles, conference presentations and the frAme Journal of Culture and Technology. It has also hosted a series of message boards, first a webboard and more recently a forum, plus chat and MOO events logged on the site. The website is an extensive repository of valuable materials dating back almost ten years and includes projects such as The Noon Quilt, Migrating Memories, Speedfactory, Lost, and Home, and work by many writers and artists including Randy Adams, Mark Amerika, Michael Atavar, Belinda Barnet, Catherine Byron, Linda Carroli, Nicholas Clauss, Claire Dinsmore, Matthew Fuller, Teri Hoskin, Deena Larsen, Geert Lovink, Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, Mez, Simon Mills, Millie Niss, Kate Pullinger, Melinda Rackham, Lehan Ramsey, Scott Rettberg, Francesca da Rimini, Christy Sheffield Sanford, Alan Sondheim, Reiner Strasser, Eugene Thacker, Sue Thomas, Helen Whitehead, and Tim Wright.

The planned volume represents a timely contribution to the emerging discussion of the development of digital writing and of the creative transitions experienced by both print-based writers experimenting with the new medium, and by artists and programmers coming to it by other routes. We envisage that the book will be read in conjunction with the trAce website and be complementary to it.

We encourage essays that examine the materials publicly available on the trAce site and place them within a critical and cultural context. Discussions of the development of the trAce community would also be of interest, and it may be possible to arrange private access to the archived trAce webboard for research purposes. The trAce community has been very instrumental in the development and support of many emerging and established new media writers and artists, and accounts of those experiences would be of interest, as would be interviews and studies of those artists.

Essays selected for this collection will be intended for both scholarly and educated general audiences. We aim to take a multi-disciplinary approach and welcome contributions from writers and artists, new media and literary critics, and scholars of digital culture.

Initial brief indications of interest would be welcome. Please contact Sue Thomas at to discuss your idea.

We have already received a number of very interesting proposals but there is still time to make further suggestions. We would especially welcome proposals for essays about the trAce Writers’ Studios; trAce’s mentoring and attachment schemes; technical and practical issues related to new media writing, and the three Incubation conferences/symposia, but if you have other ideas which do not fit into this list, please feel free to propose them too.

Since time is now short, we would appreciate adherence to the word length of 200-300 words. Overlong proposals will be rejected, as we cannot take responsibility for precising them. Do make sure you include a current CV.

If you have already approached us and been asked to develop your proposal, please ensure it reaches us by the absolute deadline of 1st October.

Many thanks,
The trAce Team

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