June 21, 2004

Books : Works of Imagination 04

Books 2004
29 August - 17 October
Noose Regional Gallery
Deadline: 11 July
Entry forms for Books 2004 are printed and available.

Workshop Dates for your diaries are: ($40 per day)
:: 'Exploring the Book' by Judy Barass - 24 April 10am-4pm
:: 'Small Ceremonies' by Glen Skien - 21 & 22 August, 10am-4pm
:: 'Nature as Narrative' by Corrie Wright - 4 & 5 September, 10am-4pm
:: 'From Piano Hinge to Concertina' by Di Tait - Saturday 11 September, 10am-4pm

The fascination for artist's books by both artists and visitors has surpassed all our expectations! The artist book is so open to creative interpretation that artists working in many other kinds of mediums can contribute whilst introductory book binding workshop participants very quickly become hooked. The accessible nature of the medium attracts visitors, young and old. It is not surprising then that Books : Works of Imagination has grown from its humble beginnings in the foyer of the Noosa Regional Gallery in 1997 into a national event. To mark this phenomenal growth, Books now takes it's rightful place in the entire Noosa Regional Gallery space.

Books : Works of Imagination exhibits artist's books from national and international artists and will also include participation from students. Workshop programs include talks by recognised paper and book artists, as well as family day activities associated with book making. The e-book is also now a part of the Books exhibition, providing a new dynamic element to the way we see and appreciate the art of books. We invite book artists, as well as artists new to the medium, to participate in the annual Books event.