March 10, 2005

NEW | S7 Digital Channels

Three New Channels at S7 DIGITAL

SIGNATURE is a new monthly online journal brought to you by Marni Cordell and Eve Vincent, former editors of Spinach7 magazine. We've folded the mag for now, but want to keep bringing you thought-provoking stories from this country's critical new voices. Each month we'll be publishing a range of feature stories: both investigative, topical coverage and quality writing that is personal and reflective.

SoundPlay is an independent online space connecting with people who want to discover and be inspired by stories about sound and music. Dan Rule – who was a regular contributor to SPINACH7 magazine and has diverse background in music writing – will be the driving force behind SoundPlay. He will be editing the channel and inviting like-minded contributors from across Australia to write features, essays and reviews.

mo:life is interested in how inherently global mobile media will be implicated in our daily lives here in Australia and the Asia Pacific. Jointly produced by busa aat and s7-digital, it is a moderated email list focusing on mobile-media culture and technology.To join mo:life - send a blank email to or visit