April 10, 2005


We Request Theorists

Whether you are a narrative nerd, a games geek, bot boffin or IF infatuated or a respectable media theorist, please accept our invitation to stop by WRT: http://WriterResponseTheory.org

WRT is a blogging collective dedicated to the discussion and exploration of digital character art -- any art involving electrons and making use of letters, alphanumerics, or other characters in an interesting way. Our primary focus is on active and interactive works, in which users input text and receive textual responses as output. Our URL -- Writer Response Theory -- is a play on Reader Reponse Theory and therefore shifts the investigative focus to a reader/writer whose textual input will change the works they encounter. We see ourselves as writers or creators responding to theory; as writers creating theory, a theory which is also a response to writers.

We'd like you to join our community through commenting, suggesting new topics, or helping/heckling us from your own blog. Some objects of study include ASCII art, blog fiction, chatbots, email fiction, e-poetry, hypertext fiction, and interactive fiction (IF). What are the methods of design, the modes of usage, and the relationships between scriptons and textons in these art forms?

Why Read This?
WRT is an open site. Everyone who reads this blog is a member and may suggest a thread or a link. As long as it pertains to digital letter/character art we will post and pursue it. WRT is a research and discussion collective - not an announcement site. Members may follow a topic or pursue a particular blog author. Organize and reorganize us as you see fit. Individual blog authors may post outside the scope of WRT, but the home page will remain dedicated to digital character art.

Who Runs This?
Christy Dena is a postgrad student in New Media and Creative Writing at the School of Creative Arts (http://www.sca.unimelb.edu.au/), Uni of Melbourne, Australia, . Her research interests are crossmedia-storytelling (http://www.crossmediastorytelling.com), and bot fiction. She teaches 'interactive narrative' and writes for Australian New Media Arts magazines.

Jeremy Douglass is a PhD student in English Literature at the University of California at Santa Barbara. His research focuses on interactive fiction and reader response to textual new media. Jeremy is also a database and web developer for numerous projects, including the academic search engine Voice of the Shuttle.

Mark Marino is a Ph.D. candidate at UC Riverside, studying chatbots, electronic literature, games, and other doodads. He is editor of Bunk Magazine(http://www.bunkmag.com). He currently teaches at Loyola Marymount University and UC Riverside.

Wildly Repetitive Title: What does W.R.T. stand for?
With respect to our wildly repetitive title, what's the real term? Writer Response Theory, We Realize Text, Web-Ridden Texts, Wrong Right Theory, Wide Robed Techies, We Rotten Tomatoes, and perhaps just WRiTing.