May 05, 2005

JOB | The Program/Triple J Arts Reporters

Applications close 30 May 2005.

THE PROGRAM and triple j are looking for arts reporters, 25 and under across the country to become part of the J Arts Crew! As a J Arts Crew Reporter for THE PROGRAM and triple j, you’ll be scouring your State to bring a delectable smorgasbord of arts and culture – in all its forms, to young people across Australia, on air and online!

We’re looking for an arts reporter, 25 and under in each State and Territory to work with THE PROGRAM and triple j over the next twelve months to taste-test the arts and creative happenings in your neck of the woods – from grass roots to the glossy end of town. As long as you can get yourself there, we’ll have you at more gigs, performances and exhibitions than you can poke a stick at.

Once you’ve sampled the local delights, you’ll work with your nearest ABC studio to bring a snapshot of your experience to the airwaves each month – in addition to seeing your hard work published on THE PROGRAM website.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Fancy yourself as the ultimate culture vulture? Check your cred against the selection criteria and be sure to complete the application form before you post or email your application across.

To be in the running to hear your views, reviews and creative news on radio and online, complete the checklist below:
:: Provide your full contact details including name, postal address, contact number and email address.
:: Complete the application form
:: Enclose all necessary attachments including audio interviews and a passport sized photo
:: Address the selection criteria for the position

Application forms and information are available at