May 09, 2005

MAGAZINE | Cabinet Magazine

Cabinet magazine's issue 17, with a special section on "Laughter," available now. For a full table of contents, see

Cabinet magazine's issue 17, with a special section on "Laughter," available now.

Starring: Bemused primates, cannibal maladies, tickled children, early dentistry, happy Swedes, canned laughter, and a royal pear ...

Featuring: Simon Critchley’s philosophical history of humor- Jim Holt on joke theory- Jennifer Liese on the sad story of the smiley face- Slavoj Zizek on Christ, Hegel and other comic greats

With: Sean Dockray, Steve Rowell & Fiona Whitton on the art and science of traffic management- Daniel Heller-Roazen on the disappearance of “H”- Geoffrey O’Brien on the aimless oppression of gray- Margaret Wertheim on the marvels of computational origami- Tom Vanderbilt on dearly departed diamondsPlus:The prehistory of fast food; Dr. Atl’s volcano paintings; the world’s most valuable piece of real estate; and the decline of ribbonsAnd:Artist projects by Robert Bowen, Steven Brower, Paul Chan, Matt Freedman, Edward Jessen, H. Lan Thao & Lana Lin, Marco Maggi, Michael Rakowitz, and Lawrence Weiner.

Available in USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan.

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