June 06, 2005


SITE is an interdisciplinary magazine devoted to the arts, philosophy, architecture, politics and film.

"Site indicates a kind of indeterminacy, which perhaps is what characterizes the contemporary moment more than anything else - an indeterminacy concerning the relations among the arts and their respective borders; concerning the relation among art, philosophy, and politics; concerning the very sense of what we persist in calling 'tradition'." The Editors

Distributors: Norway Astrup Fearnley Museet and Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo; Germany Bucherbogen, Savignyplatz, and Pro Qm, Berlin; Sweden Uppsala Konstmuseum, Index, Malmo Konsthall, Moderna Museets, Konst-ig, Hedengrens in Stockholm and Tidskriftsbutiken, Malmo; Turkey BOOKSTR, Istanbul; U.S.A. Printed Matter, NY