September 04, 2006

PUBLICATION | Sarai Reader 06: Turbulence

Sarai Reader 06 uses 'Turbulence' as a conceptual vantage point from which to interrogate all that is in the throes of terminal crisis, and to invoke all that is as yet unborn. It seek to examine 'turbulence' as a global phenomenon, unbounded by the arbitrary lines that denote national and state boundaries in a 'political' map of the world. It wants to see areas of low and high pressure in politics, economy and culture that transcend borders, to investigate the flow of information and processes between downstream and upstream sites in societies and cultures globally'.At an early stage in its gestation this year, the Sarai Reader was invited to participate in a community of publications - a project called 'the documenta 12 magazines' <>

Documenta 12 Magazines is a process and a discursive community that brings together more than 80 print and online periodicals throughout the world. "These journals and magazines will discuss the main themes and theories behind documenta 12 with particular emphasis being placed on reflecting the interests and specific knowledge of the respective local contexts entering into a dialogue with documenta 12. These debates will be compiled and published in a series of publications. This 'journal of journals', so to speak, will represent a forum for the contemporary aesthetic discourse. This platform will in turn also form part of the documenta 12 exhibition in Kassel." This year, Documenta 12 Magazines addresses the issue of 'Modernity?'.

Sarai Reader 06 interprets this issue with an emphasis on the question mark that follows the abstract noun of this marker of temporality. We see our time, the one that sits in on Modernity's wake, as an opportunity for interrogation and questioning, for admitting to radical uncertainties, and looking askance at the claims of truth and beauty. We are happy that this Sarai Reader marks a diffuse, dispersed engagement with discourses in contemporary art, by featuring a large number of contributions by artists, curators and critics, and by paying a degree of focused attention on the perils of practice in contemporary art and literature.

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