November 19, 2006

ARTICLES | Art Books in Germany

A couple of articles on the Goethe Institute's website discussing art books and art publishing Germany.

A Growing Market – The International Art Book
Initially the international art book market established itself through the western art metropolises and has in the meantime extended as far as China. Martin Zähringer describes this trend in the first part of his article and in the second part presents some art book publishing houses that are playing a leading role in this development.

German Art-Book Publishers Make it on the International Scene
Since the 1990's German art-book publishing has been booming. Digital lay-out processes, the involvement of museums, galleries, art collections and the art-book publishing companies themselves in various scientific-cum-journalistic projects, as well as new global sales strategies using international distribution channels have enabled the art book to become a reasonably priced medium that is available everywhere. Read on to find out about some of the key players on the German scene.