November 05, 2006

EXPERIMENT | Philip ...

Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Source: e-flux

Inspired by the worlds of Philip K. Dick, Philip attempts to look at architecture, ideology and socio-political constructions by bringing together a group of international artists, critics and curators whose common language in this instance is their fascination for the world of science fiction.

For Philip, a group of international artists, curators, designers and writers have been invited to partake in a writing workshop, public talks and film screenings which will conclude with the publication of a limited edition sci-fi novel. Technology, ideology, architecture, political construction and the prospects of global ruin are at the heart of sci-fi narratives and at the heart of Philip (a project in . The invitees share a fascination for alternative realities, postulating the impossible and creating new worldviews. The science fiction writing workshop led by Heman Chong (SG) and Leif Magne Tangen (NO) is developed out of their joint online project "Untitled (Excerpts #01)", a collection of 103 submissions of dialogues taken from sci-fi writings expressing an authoritarian gesture available at

The workshop participants - Mark Aerial Waller (UK), Cosmin Costinas (RO), Rosemary Heather (CA/DE), Francis McKee (IR), David Reinfurt (USA) and Steve Rushton (UK/NL) along with Chong and Magne Tangen, will endeavour to collectively write a new novel envisioning the last week of the year 2019 in the life of a character that is desperately fighting for time to save his world.Public talks by the workshop participants (organized in cooperation with Critical Voices) will consider “being wrong about the present”, mushrooms and virtual reality, a science fiction library, Benjamin Franklin and the Network Effect, the emergence of a new society of humans as the results of animal experiments, the recurring dream of the destruction of our cities, and other phenomena.

Philip concludes with the publication of a new limited edition novel, produced at the Just-in-Time workshop by Dexter Sinister, New York.

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