December 22, 2006

PUBLICATION | Artreader published

A once-off broadsheet put together by the Institute of Modern Art (IMA) and Substation Singapore, Artreader provides critical responses to the opening of the Fifth Asia-Pacific Triennial (APT5) and the launch of the new Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).

Edited by Lee Weng Choy, co-Artistic Director of the innovative Singaporean contemporary arts centre, Artreader includes reviews, interviews, features and focus pieces. It looks back on the history of APT5, and to its future in the new gallery. Writers include Jon Bywater, Ulanda Blair, Ellie Buttrose, Lilly Hibberd, Stella Brennan, Jessica Campbell, Holly Arden and Kris Carlon.

Ten thousand copies of Artreader are now available at select venues around Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information, a list of distribution points, or to read an online version: