May 07, 2004

Kosmopolis 04

Kosmopolis. International Literature Festival
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
14-19 September

Hiperiment. The hypertext brought into play

For more than two decades hypertextual fiction (hyperfiction, interactive or non-linear fiction) has been for some people a new form of art that affects our way of reading, creating and conceiving literature. For others, though, it's a field strewn with doubts in which we don't always find what we've been told we would. Hyperiment isn't an exhibition, it's an experimental space which brings the different conceptions, genealogies, dilemmas, treatments and promises of the Hypertext as a cognitive and creative tool into play. It can be visited as a hybrid environment inspired by the changes that classrooms, laboratories and libraries (as spaces for learning and research) and the mutations of public places devoted to intelligent leisure are undergoing. The participants confirmed are: Robert Coover and Ted Nelson.