January 25, 2006

NEWS | Arts Journos Form Association

Arts Journos Form Association
Zimbabwe Standard (Harare)
22 January 2006

ARTS and entertainment journalists from Zimbabwe's print and electronic media have formed an association, the Arts Journalists Association of Zimbabwe (AJAZ).

The association seeks, among other things, to bring together journalists involved in arts and entertainment. The association is expected to work closely with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, among other interested stakeholders and partners.

It would also be used for discourse on issues of common interests among journalists and stakeholders in the arts industry, thus harmonising relations and contributing to the development of the industry not only in Zimbabwe, but internationally.

Ajaz is also expected to promote the idea of annual arts. Instead of having a blanket award, the awards would be split into different. In the long term, the association hopes to work towards enhancing journalists' understanding of the arts through capacity building workshops.

Tich Hwingwiri, general manager of Elephant Hills hotel, is the patron of the association.

Last week arts and entertainment journalists met in Harare to map the way forward. Among the major issues discussed at the meetings were sponsorship, membership, association constitution, elections for a substantive leadership and objectives. The next meeting will be on the 28th of this month at Jazz 105, 12pm.


January 20, 2006

ARTICLE | The arts end of television

The arts end of television
by Richard Moore
Source: The Age, January 19, 2006

Richard Moore writes, "Television needs to find a way to cover the arts that helps to nurture - not undermine - them. In December, yet another Australian-made arts program bit the dust. After eight months development and a few months on air, the generally loathed Vulture was dumped from the ABC's schedule."

Full story online at:

January 16, 2006

EVENT | The future of writing

27 Feb 2006, 3pm-5pm
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Clephan Building 0.03 - 3-5pm

The death of the book has been falsely foretold many times; in this age of proliferating media it is clear that the book will not disappear but will have to fight for its place. What are the challenges for writers today? What does the new media have to offer writers? And, vitally, what does the new media have to offer readers?

Seminar featuring:
- Christina Patterson, (Deputy Literary Editor of The Independent)
- Michael Powell, (Course Leader for Game Art, De Montfort University)
- Kate Pullinger, novelist & new media writer
- Sue Thomas, (Professor of New Media at De Montfort University)
Chaired by Professor Andrew Hugill, (De Montfort University, Music Technology)

Organised by cultural eXchanges, an annual event hosted by the Faculty of Humanities at De Montfort University. The week long programme includes lectures, performances, debates, presentations and readings from a diverse body of artists, academics, practioners and those working in the cultural industries.


January 07, 2006


VOLUME … a project by Archis + C-Lab + AMO
Issue 4, Winter 2005
VOLUMEis published by the Archis Foundation, Amsterdam


A: Shareware: Portable exhibition of ideas to break in, break out, and break through architecture as we know it. With Artgineering, Elena Simons, Fat, Guerilla Girls, Jeanne van Heeswijk , Manifesta, Superflex, Volume, Liam Gillick, One Architecture, …

B: The catalogue to the portable shareware exhibition
More shareware by Manifesta School, European Architecture Student Assembly, Fondatione Pistoletto, Log Magazine, Khumba Mela, Live 8, Geremy Gilley, Kees Grootenboer, WiMBY!, Herman Herzberger Architecture Studio, Stadsschouwburg, greatboyfriends, Skim.com, Alicia Framis, Association for Communication Design, Superflex, Blackspot, Mr Wong, FAT, Millard and Linda Fuller, Exyst.org, Laphroig, and essays by Emiliano Gandolfi, Atelier Bow-Wow, Chora, Actar Architectura, Osservatorio Nomade. Editorial by Ole Bouman, and Markus Miessen interviews Hans Ulrich Obrist by SMS.

C: Supplements C-Lab file #3: Leaks: Detectives are called in…With contributions by Benedict Clouette, Bridgit Hanna, Jeffrey Inaba, Jennifer Broutin, Kamal Farah, Laura Kurgan, and Reinhold Martin.

AMO Bulletin #4: Democracy: Present and Future, with Brian McGetrick, Todd Reisz, Olivia Fontanetti, and Tina Jelenc.

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