April 21, 2004

Book Works, London

Book Works would like to invite proposals from artists for Chap Books A series of artists' books of short treatises/chapters/pamphlet style publications.

For application details please send an SAE to:
Chap Books
Book Works
19 Holywell Row
London EC2A 4JB

The deadline for proposals is 10 May 2004.

Forthcoming titles in the series by Jennifer Gabrys, Neil Chapman, Cornford
& Cross will be published from Summer 2004. We welcome proposals from all
sections of the community, including artists from different culturally
diverse backgrounds.


April 16, 2004

More than gloss

More than gloss: Australian Limited Edition and Deluxe Art Books
19 June - 22 August 2004
Customs House Art Gallery
399 Queen Street

This exhibition examines the collaboration between artist, publisher and writer in Australian art publishing from the 1970s to the present. Books and artworks from the State Library of Queensland's James Hardie Library of Australian Fine Arts illustrate these various, sometimes volatile, but always close relationships. A State Library of Queensland exhibition supported by the University of Queensland.

More than Gloss Seminar
Sunday 20 June 2004
2.00pm Lady Thiess Room
Customs House
399 Queen Street

A series of papers on art publishing with keynote address by Robert Holden, author and historian. Robert was the founding director of the Australian Museum of Childhood and was first James Hardie librarian and curator. He has published extensively on art and children's literature and is the author of many books including Australian Limited Edition Art Books 1973-1983.

Speakers include:
- Lynne Seear. Assistant Director - Curatorial and Collection Development, Queensland Art Gallery
- Noreen Grahame, Director, Grahame Galleries and Editions

Cost: $55/Conc $45 per person (includes afternoon tea)
Bookings: 07 3840 7768


Scale 01.03 incorporates several new developments including guest contributions from Joseph Goguen and Lev Manovich, a maturation of print run formats and printed-journal ethos, and our first guest editor, Temenuga Trifonova. The issue contains a selection of experiential remixes ranging from the literary to the poetic and including variations of the conceptual to the performative.

Scale-as-process continues to undergo change within its community of core users. As a result of a flurry of activity in New Media, from the recent 040404 conference at UC-Berkeley, to discussions on the Scale-list, and the up-coming Narr@tive conference at the UCLA Hammer, Scale is considering several exciting future options.

With Scale's commitment to a local-global approach - an approach that seeks to promote the activities of its community - Scale has implemented a monthly guest editor who curates/mixes the submissions for the print edition. The guest editor operates differently from traditional editors: instead of altering the text, the editor conducts the composition of the print journal, designing and ordering the final edition from the current pool of submissions. Scale has also preserved the transparency of its submission mechanism and the community that supports it by providing access to all of the submissions from the pool online indefinitely. In this sense Scale is evolving into a multifaceted journal, presently centered around an edited print edition, but encompassing numerous parallel versions.


The Mobile Research Forum

The Mobile Research Forum (MRF) is a knowledge repository for people involved in mobile communications research. The MRF is a site that links to high quality research papers and other reports, facilitating dissemination of research and in the process bringing together people interested in similar research questions. Areas of investigation include questions about mobile business models and economic changes, usage and development of mobile devices, roll out of networks and standardization, and social impact questions. Bringing together people in the mobile research community, the MRF acts as a knowledge repository containing articles, opinion pieces, numbers and diagrams, links and other resources.

Membership to the MRF is free of charge. For questions and comments contact the coordinator of the Mobile Research Forum at mrf@ecdc.info

The Mobile Research Forum is created by the European Centre for Digital Communications - Infonomics.

April 14, 2004

Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge


Since 2001, Rhizomes has promoted experimental work located outside current disciplines, work that has no proper location. We encourage migrations into new conceptual territories resulting from unpredictable juxtapositions. Currently accepting submission for Rhizomes #9, an
open topic issue.

Due date for submissions: 01 October 2004

As a full text online periodical, Rhizomes emphasizes multimedia to foster imaginative work that challenges typical critical forms. While submissions need not necessarily include developed multimedia, authors should consider how their work might be enhanced by elements specific to the online medium. Contributors may work with editors and technical staff to establish a more effective online presentation, for example, by providing relevant image and/or audio files as well as specialized instances of code.

Rhizomes engages in a collaborative review process. In addition to an initial screen by the editors, contributions will undergo a "blind" review by at least two members of the editorial board.

Interested parties are highly encouraged to review the Rhizomes website located at www.rhizomes.net to gain familiarity with the various styles and subjects of previous journal issues. As our name suggests, works written in the spirit of Deleuzian approaches are welcomed but not required.

Co-Editors: Ellen Berry and Carol Siegel
Review Editor: Craig Saper

All submissions to Rhizomes should conform to standards for citation that govern publications in the author's field and should include a bibliography, if appropriate. We will consider short pieces but typically do not consider texts of more than 7500 words, including notes. Any queries about potential submissions for the open issue are welcome.

Carol Siegel, Submissions Editor
English Department
Washington State University, Vancouver
14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98686-9600

Craig Saper

April 04, 2004

References on Artist Books

The Cutting Edge of Reading: Artists' Books by Rene Riese Hubert & Judd
D. Hubert
(New York: Granary Books, 1999)

_Works and Texts_ by Tom Phillips

The Gentle Pastime of Extra-Illustrated Books by Robert R. Wark

The Orange Press
Founded in 1973, the Orange Press publishes pamphlets that explain and encourage the various practices of visual language.


Paderborn, Germany

Exchange a thing with a story for a printed artwork - this idea is behind the German net art project DINGWELT.

DINGWELT [thing world] collects small and big things with a hand written story of their owners and stages them. Diverse things that wait in the cellar or are hanging around in the drawer, have now the chance on honour and are besides articles of exchange for digital art. You only have to take heart by separating yourself from a beloved thing ...

The DINGWELT market offers 12 things with history as printed art works in an on-line catalogue. For example the "CUDDLY HARE MÜMMY, unwashed" the "SINCLAIR Zx-81, self tuned" or the "THAI-MINIBAG, eye catcher".

Everyone can select these picture articles and offer own used things for them in exchange by (package) mail. In principle anything is exchanged for the offered item, only a short, hand written history must be sent in with the exchange item. In return, the user receives the picture from the catalogue as signed, laminated digital print with a certificate. The exchange market is free but the user can only take part once. The exchanged things are listed and published on-line again in the portal with their picture and story.

DINGWELT is a work-in-progress-project of the KUNSTKOMMT! artist team in Münster/ Paderborn Germany. The so called "studio for art and communication" by Michelle Adolfs and Petra Müller was founded in 1996 and works on media art in the field of picture meaning, media communication and knowledge transformation.

DINGWELT is relational and a public artwork and also an artwork outside of gallery spaces. We want to provide new work for an international public and need some assistance in spreading information about the project so that more people can take part in it.

K U N S T K O M M. T !, studio p a d e r b o r n
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 19 A
D-33102 Paderborn
tel: +49(0)5251-870 326
fax: +49(0)5251-870 359