March 12, 2005

FORUM | Publishing without Limits: New Directions for Art Magazines

This forum was held late last year in cooperation with and supported by e-flux and FACE, the Federal Agency for Civic Education, Bonn)
Saturday, September 18th, 2004 at 5:30 p.m.
Panelists: Mircea Cantor, Power Ekroth, Massimiliano Gioni, Gabriel Kuri and Anton Vidokle

Rattling the chains of art magazine publishing recently has been the advent of a number of new publications whose innovations and experiments are reinventing the idea of the art magazine. Of these new journals, some have been initiated by artists in places with little access to mainstream magazines - Version from Bucharest, for example, while others, such as Charley, digest and process images, artworks, articles and previously published materials, in order to reshuffle and re-interpret information, change content and format at each and every appearance. Still others, resolved not to concern themselves with alienating readers, provide challenging theoretical content - SITE, from Stockholm, is a good example - or deconstruct the magazine format entirely - as it is with Kaspar, from Mexico City.

What all these new ventures have in common is their desire to bypass the limitations of conventional art publishing - distribution, circulation, structure, content complexity and nominal intellectual demands made on the readers, among them - by re-envisioning and reinventing the hidebound practices of the mainstream art magazine. The Publishing Without Limits panel will take a close look at these new publications, and engage their editors in a critical discussion.

Panel participants:
Gabriel Kuri - Kaspar magazine, Mexico DF
Power Ekroth - SITE magazine, Stockholm
Mircea Cantor - Version Magazine, Bucharest
Massimiliano Gioni - Charley, New York/Milan
Anton Vidokle - e-flux, moderator

Could not see any documentation or transcripts from the forum on the website but will follow up.

Angelika Wieland