June 30, 2005

RESIDENCY | Power Institute Studio Residency

A Paris studio residency for Australian artists and art critics.

The Cite Internationale des Arts in the Rue de L'Hotel de Ville, in the Marais quarter of Paris, was opened in the early 1960s. It provides studio accommodation for foreign and provincial art students, including musicians, painters, sculptors and graphic artists. One of the first decisions of the Power Institute was the purchase of a studio for the use of Australian artists. Each year the Institute offers scholarships which enable artists to take up residencies in its studio in the heart of Paris.

The artist chosen may be in any of the fields of the visual arts including performance, video and multimedia art and at any level of his/her profession. The Cite is not designed primarily for students but rather for the artist who wishes to spend time in Paris and whose career will be strongly influenced by a stay in Paris. The committee appointed by the University to consider applications is looking for a professional practising artist. Such an artist may be a beginner of unusual talent or someone who is already recognised and well advanced in his/her profession. The artist nominated will be screened by a review board of the Cite to ensure that he/she is indeed a professional.

The artist selected for a given studio will pay no rent during his/her occupancy but merely an operational charge which covers electricity, heating and running costs of the studio. Currently this charge is 274 Euros per month for one person or 348,50 Euros per month for two persons, payable to the Cite. The University of Sydney provides a grant of $7,500 to contribute towards the cost of a stay of six months and half that value for a three-month stay.

In addition to the above, the Power Institute also offers each year a three month period to an art critic, art writer, art curator, art historian or art administrator. Applicants should be practising art critics, art writers, art curators, art historians or art administrators who have completed basic undergraduate training or equivalent, who can demonstrate an initial level of innovation and accomplishment in their field, who exhibit the promise of substantial and distinctive achievement, and who can describe the expected benefits from the award.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents and the ability to speak French would be an advantage but is not essential.

Closes: 25 July 2005