January 07, 2006


VOLUME … a project by Archis + C-Lab + AMO
Issue 4, Winter 2005
VOLUMEis published by the Archis Foundation, Amsterdam


A: Shareware: Portable exhibition of ideas to break in, break out, and break through architecture as we know it. With Artgineering, Elena Simons, Fat, Guerilla Girls, Jeanne van Heeswijk , Manifesta, Superflex, Volume, Liam Gillick, One Architecture, …

B: The catalogue to the portable shareware exhibition
More shareware by Manifesta School, European Architecture Student Assembly, Fondatione Pistoletto, Log Magazine, Khumba Mela, Live 8, Geremy Gilley, Kees Grootenboer, WiMBY!, Herman Herzberger Architecture Studio, Stadsschouwburg, greatboyfriends, Skim.com, Alicia Framis, Association for Communication Design, Superflex, Blackspot, Mr Wong, FAT, Millard and Linda Fuller, Exyst.org, Laphroig, and essays by Emiliano Gandolfi, Atelier Bow-Wow, Chora, Actar Architectura, Osservatorio Nomade. Editorial by Ole Bouman, and Markus Miessen interviews Hans Ulrich Obrist by SMS.

C: Supplements C-Lab file #3: Leaks: Detectives are called in…With contributions by Benedict Clouette, Bridgit Hanna, Jeffrey Inaba, Jennifer Broutin, Kamal Farah, Laura Kurgan, and Reinhold Martin.

AMO Bulletin #4: Democracy: Present and Future, with Brian McGetrick, Todd Reisz, Olivia Fontanetti, and Tina Jelenc.

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