November 03, 2005

LECTURE | Why write about art?

A paper presented by Lily Hibberd, editor of un magazine and artist, at the 2005 Hatched Symposium in Perth.

This paper has been written for specific purpose as symposiums are an opportunity for incentive and for change ā€“ but only useful if we go home and actually do something. By way of introduction, Iā€™m a practicing artist and the founding editor of un Magazine. I am not influential, but merely an artist who has seen a need in the community and attempted to do something about it. I do feel however, that that it is important to be proactive in our local communities, and where we have skills or capacities to contribute, that we be willing to offer them to others. With un Magazine, I recognised a latent talent in the community that was not being given an outlet and as an organised and connected person I saw that I might be able to create more opportunities for my peers. As an artist myself, I am well acquainted with the significance of art writing ā€“ for the development of an effective, contexualised practice and peer recognition in the form of reviews.

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