December 27, 2006

OPPORTUNITY | European Journalism Fellowships

Call for applications

Thanks to the European Journalism Fellowships, 76 journalists from 27 nations have had an opportunity to pursue research in Berlin between 1999 and 2005. Reputable news organizations have granted leaves of absence to their journalists. Over the years, a network of journalists has emerged in Europe. Participants have developed heightened sensitivities for other perspectives and attitudes against the background of various cultures, and have developed into “Germany experts” who are capable of reporting competently about Germany in their home countries. All in all, the European Journalism Fellowships have contributed both to raising the quality of journalism and to European integration.

Each fellow pursues a custom-made program that is organized around a specific project defined by the applicant: an individual journalistic research project whose results will later be published. The objective of studies in Berlin is to broaden professional knowledge and specialized expertise while building upon previous journalistic experience. Fellows are free to take advantage of course offerings at the Berlin Universities, and to participate in events organized by other scholarly and cultural institutions in the German capital. At the same time, journalists have an opportunity to meet colleagues from Eastern and Western Europe and the United States.

To apply for fellowships, candidates must submit the following typewritten documents in either German or English: a completed application form a curriculum vitae copies of academic diplomas, certificates etc. 2 letters of recommendation (in English or German) a selection of articles, books, or other samples of applicant's work proof of German language skills (by DAAD or Goethe-Institute); a proposal summarizing the applicant’s individual research project (3 to 5 pages) review of research proposal by expert scientist or professor.

Deadline: 15/01/07 - receipt deadline

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