December 30, 2006

THEORY | Jane Rendell

Jane Rendell describes her current research project into art, space and criticism:

"My current research, Site Specific Writing: Art, Space and Criticism, draws on conversation as a mode for writing contemporary art criticism. The research draws on intellectual debates around space and subjectivity advanced by post-structuralists feminists such as Rosi Braidotti and demonstrates the importance of this work for spatialising art criticism, particularly Howard Caygill's speculative critique, Nicholas Bourriaud's relational aesthetics, and Mieke Bal's focalisation and encounter. Discussions by literary critics, for example, Italo Calvino and Roland Barthes, concerning the different subject identities or of a writer suggest new configurations for the positions a critic can adopt in relation to an artist, a work and the site of a work. With reference to the writings of Gloria Anzaldua, Hélene Cixous, bell hooks and Susan Rubin Sulieman, this research extends into art criticism the poetic possibilities offered by texts woven out of the autobiographical and the theoretical. It is important to note that conversation is not the subject of this research, but rather modes of conversation underlie, inform and become manifest through the research in three key ways: through voice, encounter and composition."


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