March 13, 2005

COMMENT | A critical gap

by Norman Lebrecht
March 31, 2004
Source: La Scena Musicale

Lebrecht reports that there have been few reports of Daily Telegraph readers convulsing over breakfast last week on finding a digest of the New York Times tucked into their papers. Many will hardly have noticed the insertion, for the difference between Anglo and American broadsheet journalism is slight, even between Tory Telegraph and conscience-wringing New York Times. Both favour the free world, the free market and the free expression of honestly-held views.

There is, however, one striking anomaly. Turn to the arts sections and you will find a divergence so extreme in tone and content that you will rub your eyes and wonder whether the two papers are discussing the same subject. Every serious British newspaper carries two, three or more pages of arts commentary and criticism which report, reflect and review a razzle of activity in a style which may be ponderous, or provocative, or purely piss-taking ...

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