March 12, 2005

PUBLISHER | Revolver: Current Titles

Revolver presents 15 new books and an online project, Black Friday - Exercises in Hermetics. Here's a few of interest ...

MIB - Men in Black
Handbook of Curatorial Practice
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin;
ed. Ute Tischler & Christoph Tannert, with statements, essays, discussions, interviews by more than 100 international curators (German/English) and the pictorial "Theory of Justice" by Peter Friedl

Now What? Artists write
BAK - basis voor aktuele kunst; eds. Mark Kremer, Maria Hlavajova & Annie Fletcher; with contributions by Pawel Althamer, Tiong Ang, Ansuya Blom, Phil Collins, Flying City (Jeon Yongseok), Liam Gillick, Marina Grzinic, Sigudur Gudmundsson, Thomas Hirschorn, Hans van Houwelingen, Daniel Jewesbury, Job Koelewijn, Boris Ondreicka, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Maria Pask, Jan van de Pavert, Marko Peljhan, Manfred Pernice, Paul Perry, Willem de Rooij, Tino Sehgal, Fiona Tan, Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson and Sarah Tripp (English)

Jens Hoffmann (ed.)
Artists' Favorites
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London: An Exhibition in Two Acts

Spur04 - The Cheap Champagne Issue
Reader, 100+ Contributors: Olav Westphalen, Bettina Funcke, Maurizio Cattelan, Erik Steinbrecher, Claude Closky, Claudia and Julia Muller, Corinna Schnitt, John Miller, Elmgreen & Dragset, Carissa Rodriguez, Peter Piller, Wolfgang Ullrich, Bernhard Martin, Michael S. Riedel, Gelatin, John Bock, Nina Montmann, David Shrigley, Lionel Bovier/Christophe Cherix, Michael Stevenson, The Histrionics, Jens Hoffmann/Tim Lee, Jonathan Monk, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Edward Krasinski, Korpys/Loffler, Noemi Smolik, Raimar Stange/Christian Jankowski, Wilhelm Schurmann, Ludwig Seyfarth, Werner Buttner, Harald Falckenberg, Jonathan Meese, Bettina Steinbrugge, Andreas Neumeister, Marti Guixe, Tobias Rehberger and many others (German/English).

Kirstine Roepstorff
Who Decides Who Decides
with contribution by Nikola Dietrich, Scott Weaver, Dan Smith, Barry Holstun Lopez, Carl Bildt, Sarah Gavlak, Simone de Beauvoir, Harm Lux, Andreas Roepstorff, Solvej H. Ovesen, Gretty Mirdal, Pernille Albrethsen and Douglas Klovedal Lannark (English)

Black Friday: Exercises in Hermectics
What is Black Friday?
Black Friday, Sept. 24, 1869, in U.S. history, day of financial panic. In 1869 a small group of American financial speculators, including Jay Gould and James Fisk, sought the support of federal officials of the Grant administration in a drive to corner the gold market. The attempt failed when government gold was released for sale. The drive culminated on a Friday, when thousands were ruined-the day is popularly called Black Friday. There was great indignation against the perpetrators. Several other days of financial panic have also been occasionally referred to as Black Friday.

What is Black Friday? Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is historically one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. It marks the official beginning to the Christmas shopping season. The "black" in the name comes from the standard accounting practice of using red ink to denote negative values (in this case, profits) and black ink to denote positive values. Black Friday is the day when retailers traditionally get back "in the black" after operating "in the red" for the previous months.

Contributing artists:
Anton Vidokle (USA), Carey Young (UK), Carol Bove (USA), Cerith Wyn Evans (UK), Christoph Steinegger (A), Claude Closky (F), Daniel Herskovitz (USA), David Hatcher (NZ), Derek Barnett (CA), Edgar Arceneaux (USA), Florian Pumhosl (A), Gardar Eide Einarsson (N), Haegue Yang (Korea), Heiko Karn (D), Helen Mirra (USA), Henrik Olesen (DK), Ibon Aranberri (ES), Jakob Kolding (DK), Jop van Bennekom (NL), Katja Strunz (D), Klaus Weber (D), Kristine Ropstorff (DK), Liam Gillick (UK), Ludovic Burel (F), Manuel Raeder (D), Marianna Deball (MX), Markus Amm (D), Markus Schinwald (A), Markus Weisbeck (D), Martin Boyce (UK), Martin Neumaier (D), Mathias Poledna (A), Michael Hakimi (D), Michael S. Riedel (D), Michael Stevenson (NZ), Norm (CH), Olaf Nicolai (D), Roman Schramm (D), Sebastian Romo (MX), Seth Price (USA), Simon D. Moller (DK), Thomas Bayrle (D), Tim Lee (CAN), Tobias Rehberger (D), Tue Greenfort (DK), Vier5 (F), Will Stuart (NL) / Ausstellungsarchitektur: Tobias und Raphael Danke (D)


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