February 10, 2006

EVENT | HARDCOPY @ Media State

[Hard Copy]

State Library of SA, Lecture Theatre, Institute Building
13 March, 10am - 5pm

Hard Copy is a professional, strategic workshop on publishing the outcomes of, and criticism about, interdisciplinary creative art practices. Current publishing paradigms and available outlets are not adequate for the myriad forms of output generated by hybrid, interdisciplinary and collaborative practice. Issues include editorial and selection structures, the validation of scholarship and assurance of quality, the impact of government research assessment and funding policy and the question of how to represent transversal outputs as cohesive bodies of work.

Equally important is the critical discourse surrounding interdisciplinary work, and its role in the development of an informed and engaged audience. Issues include the privileging of traditional art forms in mainstream print and broadcast media and addressing the divide between art and science, high and popular culture. For both academic and popular publishing, new media offers new opportunities in terms of circulation and readerships. The Hard Copy workshop is a strategic initiative to develop an Australian discourse around these issues with an international perspective. The workshop will provide an overview of the state of interdisciplinary publishing in Australia and an opportunity for the generation of new models and the development of new partnerships between organisations and individuals active in the field.

Hardcopy will be facilitated by ROGER MALINA, editor of LEONARDO, the leading journal for readers interested in the application of contemporary science and technology to the arts. ANAT invites professionals in art criticism and interdisciplinary creative work to join the discussion. Pre registration is essential.

Hard Copy is part of the Media State program presented by ANAT. Media State is a series of media art exhibitions, events, forums and workshops, which explore the connection between, and intervention of, media arts in our lives.