February 10, 2006

FORUM | Between history and fiction

PUBLIC FORUM: Between history and fiction
MASTER CLASS: Finding your writing voice
Graduate Studies Centre
Queensland College of Art, South Bank
Saturday 18 March, 2006

This forum and masterclass event, sponsored by the Humanities Writing Project and the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas, sets out to debate the relationship between narrative history and fiction, and to consider the ways writers creatively negotiate or ignore the seeming divide between the two. A morning panel with guest speakers will be followed by an afternoon masterclass for postgraduate students and early career academics working between history and fiction in new and innovative humanities projects.

Guest speakers will include the authors of the recent Is History Fiction?, Ann Curthoys and John Docker, who will lead the afternoon masterclass. Is History Fiction? (UNSW Press, 2005) explores in fresh and innovative ways the perennial question, What is History? How can we in the present know the past? In a wonderful journey that starts with the classical Greeks and travels through the centuries to more recent forms of history that are framed by Marxism, postmodernism and feminism, John Docker and Ann Curthoys find that history has a double character. It is both a rigorous scrutiny of sources, and, because it presents the results of its enquiries as narrative, it is part of a literary world too. Such doubleness is the secret of historyâ€(tm)s fascination as an always changing, inventive endeavour. Yet it also explains why history has been a source of sometimes bitter disputes.

Both events are free and the forum is open to the public.

RSVP to attend the 'Between History and Fiction Forum' on 10-30 am - 12.30 pm, Saturday 18 March

To attend the 'Finding your Writing Voice Masterclass', 1.30 - 4.30 pm, Saturday 18 March: Numbers are strictly limited and participants will be selected through application. Those wishing to participate will need to submit no more than 300 words about their current writing project in the humanities before the submission date. Submissions by email to Fiona Paisley, Co-Director of the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas (F.Paisley@griffith.edu.au). Include your full contact details, an outline of your project and what you hope to achieve through participating in the masterclass.

Submission due date: 5.00pm, MONDAY 6 MARCH. Confirmation of participation by Friday 10 March.

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