March 10, 2006

CALL | Nomads + Residents' Traveling Magazine Table

Nomads + Residents' Traveling Magazine Table
Iaspis, Sweden
open call for art magazines.
Deadline: 15 March 2006

Open call for magazines or periodicals published by artists and artists' collectives, independent groups, non-profit organisations and alternative spaces to be part of the Nomads + Residents' Traveling Magazine Table, which will be on view at Iaspis from 21-30 April 2006. Traveling Magazine Table, a project by Nomads&Residents, is getting to its fourth step. After the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius (2003), Art in General in New York (2004) and M.I.T. in Boston (2005) it will be hosted by Iaspis in Stockholm. Iaspis will host the archive of magazines which have been already received plus all the new ones.

Nomads+Residents has a special interest in projects that develop on a collective basis and in artistic practices that involve making resources and ideas available for common use. With this in mind, Nomads+Residents initiated Magazine Table. The Magazine Table Nomads+ consisted of collecting a broad variety of national and international magazines, journals, and similar printed publications produced by non-profit and alternative spaces, artists' collectives, groups, teams, and other forms of collaborations.

The results granted an unexpected insight into the discourses and networks existing outside the mainstream channels of art. The Traveling Magazine Table activates the circulation of and gives access to printed publications, many of which have a very limited distribution. It provides information about ideas, projects, practices, and discussions taking place in the broader field of contemporary art and culture. Deadline for receipt materials: 15 March 2006.